• 1943: Arrow Products, Inc. was established with first sale of wooden shoe shine kit to Sears, Roebuck and Company
  • 1956: Expand product line into Sears Catalog
  • 1962: Move into new manufacturing facility in Lake Geneva, WI
  • 1976: First computer is utilized at Arrow
  • 1980’s: Arrow becomes leading provider of sewing furniture in North America
  • 1988: EDI Service Bureau, APIEC (precursor to Everyday EDI), is launched
  • Nov 3, 1990: First EDI transaction is transmitted
  • 1991: First EDI transaction is transmitted on behalf of customer
  • 1992: Arrow begins order fulfillment for Sears Healthcare Catalog
  • 1994: Initial Retail Special Order Program (RSOS) launched with Sears
  • 1995: Move into modern 90,000 sq. ft. facility in Elkhorn, WI
  • 1998: Invited to participate in Uniform Code Council (now GS1) committee on EDI
  • 1999: Launch first web-based EDI solution
  • 2004: Arrow Products, Inc. transitioned to Arrow Companies, LLC
  • 2005: Process 1,000,000th manual EDI document
  • 2006: Kangaroo Kabinets launched in North America
  • 2008: Arrow ships more than one million packages on behalf of 3PL customers
  • 2011: Introduce Everyday EDI integrated web solution
  • 2012: Arrow surpasses two million sewing cabinets shipped
  • 2013: Transition business name for EDI division to “Everyday EDI” to better describe what we do for our customers
  • 2014: Move into 187,000 sq. ft. facility in Delavan, WI
  • 2015: Everyday EDI celebrates 25 years of EDI experience…and we’re just getting started!
  • 2017: Everyday EDI Division is Purchased By SPS Commerce

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